Fuel pump scams in Frankfort

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Several people including the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department have been scammed lately at gas pumps in Frankfort.

According to the sheriff, it’s a case of credit card skimming.

The sheriff says his department noticed 900 dollars worth of fraudulent charges on fleet gas cards.

Once deputies started investigating, they confirmed this was an issue at several gas stations in the Frankfort area.

The sheriff is not releasing the names of the gas stations because he does not want to hurt their business.

The Sheriff’s Department is sharing tips with the public on how to stay safe.

Deputies recommend using a pump close to the store because those are typically the safest from skimmers.

Use cash and if you do use a card, they suggest using your debit card as credit.

Monitor all your charges and contact your bank if you notice unusual activity.

Lastly, make sure the gas pump panel is closed and shows no signs of tampering.


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