Friends mourn the death of a woman found in tent over the weekend

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- We are learning more about the woman found dead outside in the cold in Lexington over the weekend.

Folks at the Catholic Action Center are mourning the loss of a friend after learning the woman that died over the weekend in a wooded area off Sir Barton Way was one that frequented this center.

“Still hoping she’ll walk through the door. You know hey Chris, hey Mo, you know, how you all been. You know because she used to say hi to us, tell us to keep our head up and things will get better. I just wish that she just would have came in that night,” said Christopher Brown, a friend of the woman.

Christopher Brown is one of many people here at the Catholic Action Center coming to terms with the news he’ll never see one of his friends again.

“She was just here. That’s crazy though because I just seen her and I asked her were country was and she was looking for him so I guess she found him,” said Brown.

Police say the 62-year-old woman, yet to be identified by the coroner, died Sunday in a tent she was sleeping in with her husband in the woods off Winchester Road.

Police believe the couple was homeless but those that knew them say that’s not what they should be remembered by.

(***ginny ramsey/catholic action center***)
“They’re not identified by where they live. They are children of god and human beings who have people who love them and people they loved,” said Ginny Ramsey with the Catholic Action Center.

And that, Brown says is the one thing he wants people to take away from this.

“See how valuable that a loved person brings and how valuable that wanting to be loved by someone is priceless,” said Brown.

Those at the center say they held a prayer circle in her honor on Sunday and hope to plan a more formal service sometime this weekend.

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