Franklin County Humane Society overcrowded after Animal Control seizes more than 100 animals

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- The Franklin County Humane Society is dealing with a serious overcrowding problem after taking in more than 100 animals in the past few weeks.

The manager of the humane society, Kerry Lowary, says this is the most crowded she’s seen her shelter in a long time.

“We had about 65 cats here before and about 48 dogs and then we added the 115,” said Lowary.

115 dogs and cats, Lowary says, all came to her shelter in the past few weeks after animal control seized the animals in four separate hoarding and abuse complaints.

“Some of the dogs that came in were very ill with canine parvovirus and so those dogs had to be isolated so they wouldn’t put our other population at risk,” said Lowary.

Shelter workers say they have already been able to send some of the dogs to other nearby shelters and even out of state but kittens are harder to find room for because every shelter is dealing with an overflow this time of year.

“Everywhere you go right now is kitten season. So every shelter is going to be full like this. There’s a lot of other places for dogs to go and not so much for cats and they just keep coming with the warm weather, we get kittens every day,” said Christina Alves with the Franklin County Humane Society.

Lowary says she had to temporarily increase her staff to help with all the animals but says the best thing people can do is think about taking in one of this little kittens.

“We really need fosters, families that can take kittens into their home and care for them until they are big enough to be spayed and neutered. That’s our biggest need probably right now,” said Lowary.

The humane society says it is also accepting money and donations of dog and cat food.

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