Franklin Co. teen loses her life in car accident

People in Frankfort are grieving after a teenager lost her life in a car crash. It happened around 2 A.M. Wednesday morning, a Ford Expedition on Bridgeport Benson Road in Franklin County went off the side of the road striking a tree, killing 18 year old Alyssa Hutcherson. The Franklin County Sheriffs Department says there were three people in the SUV when it crashed, Hutcherson, the front seat passenger.

“Once deputies arrived, there were two patients outside of the vehicle and there was another one trapped inside the vehicle that had to be extricated. They dropped off the right shoulder of the road, the driver said that he tried his best to get back up and couldn’t and wound up striking a tree.”

The driver, 19-year-old Austin Moore and a 16 year old female passenger suffered non-life threatening injuries. The Franklin County Sheriff says the accident is due to speed, alcohol and or drugs.

The Sheriff said, “Your actions have consequences and when you make poor decisions, those poor decisions always have consequences, and when you are 18, 19, or 17 and 16 that we are larger than life, it’s never going to happen to us and unfortunately it does.”

Moore, who blew a point-zero-eight at the scene, was later charged with murder, assault in the first degree, and driving under the influence. Alyssa Hutcherson’s good friend Mikayla Cummins said it unfortunately takes losing someone you love to show people just how serious DUI can be.

“You get taught since you are in about 2nd grade not to drink and drive and know that you are not supposed to get in the car with someone that has been drinking and driving, but everybody makes mistakes and that is just a mistake that not only her close friends but everybody in Frankfort is now going to hopefully learn from. Alyssa was just really outgoing, she was really funny, she always had a smile on her face, she was always like the middle guy that everybody wanted to be around to laugh with. One of her favorite things to do was four wheeling, she always had her boots on, always had her boots on.”

As several families are grieving, those who were close to Alyssa remember her vivacious personality and big smile.

“She was always just so smiley, that’s all I can picture is just Alyssa with a smile on her face. In her truck, little bitty old redneck driving a big truck, God love her,” said Cummins.

The driver, Austin Moore, is currently being held on a $200,000 bond at the Franklin County Jail, Sheriff Melton says his case will likely go before a Grand Jury.

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