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Franklin Co. teen loses her life in car accident

People in Frankfort are grieving after a teenager lost her life in a car crash. It happened around 2 A.M. Wednesday morning, a Ford...

Franklin County Sheriff: Burglars strike same home in less than 24 hours

Franklin County's sheriff is investigating after he says a home on Cardwell Lane was burglarized twice in less than 24 hours.
Heroin Needlevideo

Sheriff sees heroin increase in Franklin Co., hopes 2016 is the year it stops

Some call Kentucky’s heroin problem an epidemic and in Franklin County the sheriff says it’s getting worse.

Franklin Co. authorities urge safety on flooded roads

Franklin Co. Sheriff Pat Melton is urging drivers to practice safety when it comes to flooded roads.

Franklin County Sheriff Proposes Higher Budget

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department is asking for a higher budget in 2013. Sheriff Pat Melton said their department needs more money to properly serve the community.

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