FCPS Cold Day Controversy

Just into the new job, the interim superintendent of Fayette County Public Schools finds herself at the center of a school closing controversy.

First, the district sent out an email around eight Wednesday night saying school would be in session on a regular schedule.  Then about three hours later, a second email was sent out saying that school would be cancelled.

Marlene Helm, the interim superintendent, said despite the county’s best intentions, she said the situation was not handled well and called a late morning news conference to publicly apologize.

Helm said the district had been talking with the National Weather Service and despite extreme cold temperatures, school would be held as scheduled on Thursday.

Helm said the more she thought about it, she knew it was the wrong decision.  School was cancelled just after 11:00 p.m. Wednesday night for Thursday classes.

Because it was so late, Helm said the district sent out another email but decided not to send out the normal phone and text message alerts.

They didn’t want to send one out in the morning because the district didn’t want to wake up the people who already knew about the cancellation.

“I want to say how very, very sorry I am for the way this was handled and I pledge to you that going forward it will be done differently and better,” said Helm.
Helm said they are reevaluating the protocol for the future.

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