Educators feeling hopeful after election

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Jill Biden has always been an outspoken woman, while her husband Joe was Vice President, she showed support for her fellow educators and now they’re hoping she will continue that role once she becomes First Lady.

“Being a teacher to me is not as much about teaching as it is learning,” Allison Slone has been a teacher for 22 years.

“It’s constantly re-evaluating how we teach, what we teach, what the students need, and meeting those needs. So I feel like I’m a lifelong learner, more than I am a lifelong teacher,” Slone says the election results bring a hope of renewal for her and fellow public education workers.

She says education impacts everything.

“We really really hope that an actual focus really starts on equity, inclusion, teacher leadership, student voice, school safety, and trauma informed care for our students and we want assessment reform,” Slone said.

Lt. Governor Jacqueline Coleman has spent time as both a teacher and assistant principal, “I’m just so ready for a partnership and I’m so ready for unity and I’m so ready to work with other people across Kentucky and across the United States to lift up student voices.”

Coleman says she hopes Dr. Biden will use her platform to make equity a priority, to continue to be a voice for fellow teachers, and finally to help make sure that every student has access to broadband internet.

Jill has told several news outlets that she plans to continue teaching throughout her husband’s presidency.

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