Crews Say Salt Won’t Work

Apart from a few puddles roads right are pretty dry but it’s cold and that’s the big difference between Saturday night’s and Friday night’s storm. 

Since temperatures haven’t been above freezing all day, when precipitation starts to come down, it will stick to roads.

Road crews will be in at midnight and more state contractors will be in at 1 a.m.

Lexington road crews say it is too cold for them to put down salt. They say salt will only melt ice until about it is about 25 degrees out. As temperatures are expected to dip into the low 20s Saturday into Sunday, instead of salt, they’ll be putting down liquid calcium chloride which works with temperatures in the teens.

Lexington crews also say some salt is left on the roads from Friday night which will give them a leg up on Saturday night’s storm.

State crews in district seven have more counties to treat.  They plan to watch roads and treat as needed.

“Were expecting snow in the northern part of the district and ice in the southern part so every county varies depending on it’s location, depending on the type of treatment that needs to be done for the roads and at what time the treatment needs to be done as well,” said Natasha Lacy, Public Information Officer at Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Department of Highways, District 7.

Both state and Lexington crews say Friday night went well.  They remind everyone to be extra cautious if you will be out Saturday night and Sunday morning.

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