Continued gun violence, meanwhile Lexington family still grieving, but one step closer to justice

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Gun violence has risen to the forefront of public consciousness in Lexington after a rash of shootings.

Amidst that fresh violence came word of an arrest in a year old Lexington murder.

Police charging Markeeta Campbell with shooting and killing LaPorscha Stringer as Stringer was leaving the Fayette Mall parking lot in August 2019.

Ever since, Stringer’s grandmother, Lucy Jones, has been calling for justice for Stringer. She says as she’s making some progress in Stringer’s murder, now there’s many more who will go through similiar processes of grieving and hurt.

“It’s awful that these parents are losing their babies. They’re supposed to be burying us, we’re not supposed to be burying them,” Jones said.

She’s calling on people to use their head and think before pulling a gun.

“What happened to fist fighting and making up? It’s too many deaths going down here,” Jones said.

When Campbell was arrested August 31, 2020 it had been more than a year since Stringer was murdered.

“I counted every day. A year and eight days. And when he (police) called me and told me that, ‘oh my god you’re kidding me. You’re lying to me?’ I just, I just almost passed out,” She said.

Stringer left behind three kids. The oldest battling depression and two little girls still bursting into tears.

Jones said it’s heartbreaking.

“The youngest one, Trinity, sat at the end of her bed. And she just started boohooin’ and cryin’. And I said ‘what’s wrong?’ she wouldn’t tell me. I said ‘tell me what’s wrong. She said, ‘I miss my mommy so much.’ that just hurts me so bad,” Jones said.

It’s the type of pain she doesn’t wish on any family.

“I just wish these kids would put these guns down, you know, stop all of this killing,” she said.

Jones said the arrest was a progression in Stringer’s case that Jones has been praying for. Something that has lifted a weight from her shoulders, despite a murder trial still to come. And for that too, she leans on God.

“He brought me through this storm, He’ll take me through the next one,” Jones said.


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