“Compassionate Caravan” volunteer spreads warmth to Lexington homeless

Thomas Caudill passes out food and clothes, and offers the homeless rides to warming stations and hotels.
Compassoinate Caravan

LEXINGTON, Ky (WTVQ)- With tears in his eyes, volunteer Thomas Caudill wondered what’s going to happen to some of the homeless in downtown Lexington on cold winter nights.

“Sometimes, you go home and think ‘is he going to make it?’ You can’t do nothing but to just pray for him,” Caudill said.

In the below freezing temperatures, Caudill drives around in the Compassionate Caravan, which is a ministry of the Catholic Action Center. He passes out food, clothes, and other essentials needed to help the homeless stay warm. He also offers rides to warming stations and hotels.

While many of the homeless turn the offer down, sometimes, Caudill gets a miracle. On Friday, one homeless man gave in and accepted a ride to a nearby hotel.

“He’s a camper, so that’s a guy that, he’d rather stay out here than to go in. And tonight I pull over, and I said ‘you wanna go in?’ and he said ‘yeah’! And I was like “come on!” I was so excited because you do this over and over and over and you get so many nos. And then you get that yes. It gives the opportunity to feed them and try to help them, find out what’s going on in their life,” Caudill said.

The ministry is more than an outreach for Caudill, because has himself experienced homelessness.

“One time I lost the house that burned down on me, so I was homeless for a while. I lived with my uncle, slept on the couch, me and my mom. So I know how it is when you come home and all you got is what’s on your back. Luckily, I had somebody to turn to,” Caudill said.

Now, he’s making sure the homeless have someone to turn to as well.

“Maybe I put a little more than I should into it, but I think this is just what everybody does when God gets ahold of them,” Caudill said.

If you’d like to learn more about the Compassionate Caravan, click here.

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