Cold breaks pipes AND makes it hard to fix them

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ)- The cold is revealing some of Kentucky’s old infrastructure. Water Department crews responded to at least five pipe leaks Friday in Central Kentucky. One in Frankfort took a while to repair also because of the cold.

It has been a dramatic week inside the Capitol.

Friday, the drama outdoors matches. It is a busy day for the Frankfort Plant Board’s water department. Water Superintendent Alan Smith says crews are responding to at least three pipe leaks all before lunch.

One on Wilkinson Boulevard near the Capital Plaza Tower is patched up now, but it took a while. It burst Thursday night around 6:30.

“Crews have been on site since that time. Some of them were actually just finishing up repairing another leak,” Smith said.

The cold temps aren’t just causing these pipe problems. They’re also making it harder for workers to fix them. The Plant Board tells ABC36 tools keep freezing and so do workers’ hands and feet. The Plant Board has brought along heaters to help keep crews warm.

“It’s not very comfortable and it’s hard to work in all the clothes. You have to dress warm then your clothes get wet and they freeze,” Smith said.

This break was also a big one, a 12 inch pipe. It left about 30 people in nearby apartments without water. It’s back on now, but a boil water advisory will be in effect likely for about 24 hours. Smith says 24 hours is also the shift his crews can expect to work.

“It’ll probably get worse before it gets better after looking at the weekend forecast,” Smith said.

He says he’s thankful he’s got a dedicated team.


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