Beautiful Stretch, But We Could Use More Rain…

Wednesday, June 13, 2012: A Beautiful Day, But We Could Use More Rain…

Good Wednesday morning, folks!

High pressure is here, and on the heels of yesterday’s cold front, we have low humidity and very pleasant weather.  We’ll see lots of sunshine and just a few clouds today (mainly southeast), and temperatures are running a bit below normal for the middle of June. 

Take a look at this map.  It shows how the mid-morning temperatures compare to normal.  We, along with most of the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes region, are running a good bit below average early today.

Courtesy: Penn State University Dept. of Meteorology

Sky conditions are bright.  There are some clouds in southeastern Kentucky, and they will continue to slide east, eventually revealing more sunshine in the afternoon for the mountains and coalfields.

Courtesy: Penn State University Dept. of Meteorology

The entire region will be dry today, and central Kentucky will stay dry on Thursday and Friday, too.  Meanwhile, as we get later into the week, some isolated showers will become possible over the mountains of far southeastern Kentucky on Thursday afternoon. 

Here is the latest GFS forecast for rainfall through Thursday night.

Courtesy: Penn State Univ. Dept. of Meteorology

Isolated thunderstorms will become a little more likely in southern and southeastern Kentucky on Friday, but most of central Kentucky will stay dry.

We could use more rain.  Our early-week showers helped, but for the most ideal soil moisture conditions, we’d need 3" to 6" of rain in a relatively short period of time. 

This graphic, produced by the Climate Prediction Center, shows how many inches of rain would be required to bring the Palmer Drought Index back to -0.5 (reflecting a very favorable amount of soil moisture).  Notice how dry western Kentucky has been.

Isolated to scattered thunderstorms will return to the Bluegrass Region this weekend, and into next week, mainly in the afternoons.

Have a great day, and enjoy the break in the humidity!


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