BBB Warns of “Jury Duty” Phone Scam

A woman in Fayette County was duped into paying $500 for supposedly missing jury duty, according to the Better Business Bureau.

The BBB said the woman told them she received a phone call at her home Tuesday night from someone claiming to be an officer with the Fayette County Warrant Division.

The woman was told she was in contempt of court because she "failed to appear for jury duty" and needed to pay a fine over the phone to avoid an arrest.

The BBB said she was then instructed to buy a Greendot Money Pak card and load it with $499 and give the caller the numbers.

The man then allegedly told her when she could appear in court to get the fine "returned" and her charges dismissed, since she had a "special privilege" for an otherwise clean record.

The woman reported the scammer’s phone number was from an 859 area code, making it seem legitimate.

The BBB said if anyone receives a call like this, they should hang up immediately.

If you are not sure about whether you’ve missed a summons for jury duty, contact the office of your local court.

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