After Hottest Day Since 1936, Strong Storms on Sunday

Saturday, July 7, 2012: After Hottest Day Since 1936, Strong Storms Will Bring Relief!

Good Saturday evening, folks!  I hope you’ve been enjoying your weekend, despite the BLOW TORCH of heat! 

Believe it or not, today’s high of 105° was our hottest since August 19, 1936!  This heat has scorched central and eastern Kentucky over the past week and a half, but we’re ALMOST done with it.

Take a look at today’s high temperatures!

One thing that really helped was that our dew points were not too high.  Therefore, with limited moisture in the atmosphere, the heat index remained below 110° for most of us.  Yes, it was HOT (really, we were dealing with records), but it COULD have been worse.

We will have another toasty day tomorrow, when temperatures climb into the middle 90s across most of the region.  Clouds and increasing moisture, with thunderstorms in the latter part of the day, should keep temperatures a bit lower than where they were on Saturday.  With that said, the heat index will climb above 100° during the hottest part of the day, so we are under Heat Advisories for Sunday afternoon and early evening.

We are REALLY in need of some rain!  The area is dealing with a moderate to severe drought.  Take a look at this amazing "before" and "after" image, complied by Josie Crawford!

Josie shared this on our ABC 36 Facebook page.  Thanks for doing that, Josie… and let’s see some rain!

Tonight, a very isolated thunderstorm or two will be possible, but coverage will be very limited, so the overwhelming majority of us should stay dry.  The severe risk area tonight is well to the northeast, closer to Philadelphia.

However, the strong cold front that will bring and end to this EXTENDED heat wave will finally arrive late tomorrow, and into Monday morning.  Ahead of and along the front, some strong and severe thunderstorms will develop.  T-storms will be most likely after 2 or 3 PM on Sunday, through the evening.  Many of these storms will produce strong straight-line winds and there will also be potential for hail.

The drought relief may come with a bit of a price, in the form of the severe threat.  Stay weather-aware on Sunday and Sunday night!

On the heels of the front, next week looks MUCH more comfortable, with highs in the more typical 80s!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and be safe!


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