Young innovators on verge of losing product due to coronavirus complications

VERSAILLES, Ky. (WTVQ) – Adie Preston and Abigail Cheek, two 19-year-old Versailles natives, created “Dose Defense” when they were just seniors in high school.

The product is made to fit inside of medication bottles to protect against overdosing by limiting the number of pills that come out.

The product is something that hits close to home for Cheek’s family.

“It’s just so important to us because Abigail’s brother got into a bottle of medication and had to get his stomach pumped,” Preston says.

A pharmacy even agreed to partner with them, which marked a milestone for Dose Defense.
However, because of the coronavirus, this spring didn’t go as planned.

Several meetings and pitch competitions are now canceled, both of which were ways Cheek and Preston were banking on earning more funds to pay their lawyers, to keep their patent.

They’ve tried getting investors to help with funds, but they’re running into a problem.

“They really want to meet with you and understand your drive and understand what you’re capable of before they put those funds toward your business,” Cheek says.

Most investors say it’s not something you can do over Zoom.

Without many other options, Preston and Cheek set up a GoFundMe page.

It’s not doing as well as they hoped though, raising less than a third of the $2,500 needed by May 28th.

“It’s been really stressful for us obviously because this hasn’t been easy,” Cheeks says. “We’ve been thinking on taking out loans and looking up how to do that, but that’s kind of hard as two 19-year-old girls without credit at the moment,” says Preston.

Despite the obstacles, they are encouraging other young entrepreneurs to stay positive and keep doing what they love.

“We’ll get through this and life will go back to normal as is, but as of right now just do the best that you can do because that’s all that anyone can do,” Preston says. “We’re people that know how to innovate and who know how to deal with difficult circumstances,” says Cheek.

To donate to their GoFundMe, click here.

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