Yellow bins are designated for paper recycling in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – People can recycle their paper once again in Lexington.

The recycling center hasn’t been taking paper since last May after shutting down for renovations.

On Wednesday morning, Mayor Linda Gorton says there are six yellow bins throughout the city for paper recycling.

People will have to drop off their paper at one of the designated bins for it to be recycled.

City officials say it’s crucial only paper goes into the yellow bins so it’s clean, can be properly processed, and sold to mills.

“When it’s mixed with paper bags, and cardboard, and paper board it just makes it that much harder and that reduces the quality and therefore the price that we’re able to get for it,” said Nancy Albright, Environmental Quality and Public Works Commissioner.

The paper-only bins come after a pilot program that the Government Center started last October. The program found that collecting paper separate from other materials resulted in clean paper that mills want to purchase.

“We’ve now learned we can recycle paper, we just need to do it a little differently. This we think is an interim step and so we’ll just keep going for the greater good,” said Mayor Linda Gorton.

The yellow bins for paper recycling can be found at these locations:

  • Masterson Station Park, 3051 Leestown Rd.
  • Constitution Park, 1670 Old Paris Rd.
  • Veterans Park, 650 Southpoint Dr.
  • Good Foods Coop, 455 Southland Dr.
  • Lexington Recycle Center, 360 Thompson Rd.
  • Pleasant Ridge Park, 1350 Pleasant Ridge Dr.
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