WWII Vet helps clean up Woodford County storm damage

WOODFORD COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- Thousands of people are still without power Monday after Friday’s storm plowed through the area.

Just under 600 people remain without power in Fayette County but the worst of it is in Woodford County where more than 5,000 people are still in the dark.

Clean-up is far from over in Woodford County but neighbors are coming together to get it done, including one man who says he’s not letting his age slow him down when it comes to helping those in need.

Through the downed trees and piled up debris, 91-year-old Jim Sills can be seen navigating through the storm damage on his personal scooter.

“My son found this little scooter in Chicago,” said Sills.

Sills, a World War Two veteran, has been patrolling the neighborhood since Friday when the storm hit, checking in on people, even getting gas down the road to power his neighbor’s generator that is also helping to power parts of his house.

“Yeah I try to help people in need,” said Sills.

Sills is one of the lucky ones, his house wasn’t damaged, he just lost power during Friday’s storm and while he’s doing all he can to help he says he wishes he could do more.

“If I were more healthy I would be out helping other people but I don’t walk too good,” said Sills.

But for the neighbors who see him pass by and have a chat, they say that is some of the best help they’ve been getting during these difficult times.

“It’s a good feeling to know you’re not alone,” said David Ross, a neighbor.

“That’s the people you really are thankful for being around and living a really good life,” said Leslie Gritton, a neighbor.

A good life Sills says he’s thankful to be living.

“Every day I ask god to help me through the next day and here’s another day in front of me and things are going pretty good for me,” said Sills.

There is still a lot of debris that needs to be picked up in the area but neighbors say they can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

They’re expected to get their power back mid-week and then they say they’re just excited to get back to normal.

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