Woodford Humane Society offering income-based spay/neuter voucher

WOODFORD, Ky. (WTVQ) – Woodford Humane Society has updated its’ spay-neuter voucher program to reach pet owners who need financial help.

“We’re operating now on a sliding pricing scale based on income,” said Marketing Director Beth Oleson. “So the folks that need the help the most are really able to benefit from the program.”

Oleson says the Elizabeth Simms Gay low-cost spay-neuter voucher program helps address several health and behavioral issues.

“It is the one tool that we have to work against pet overpopulation which is of course the reason why there are so many pets in shelters across the United States,” said Oleson. “Many of those pets end up being euthanized because there’s no one to take them home.”

In addition to a community benefit, Oleson says spaying and neutering is part of being a responsible pet owner and can also help pets live a happy, healthy life by reducing many cancer risks. It can even help deter escape behavior, thus reducing injury risk.

Pricing varies from free to average costs associated with spaying or neutering pets in the area, according to Oleson.

The vouchers, which also contain a questionnaire, are available now HERE.

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