Woodford County church helps locals stay warm

WOODFORD COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – Frigid conditions have once again mingled with the Bluegrass air.

As a result, 99 for 1 Church in Woodford County are opening their arms to help people stay warm.

Volunteer Tera Hatfield says she’s highly concerned with the temperatures dropping below zero, and the fear of anyone being outside.

” It’s very heartbreaking, ” said Hatfield.” Any of us could be homeless tomorrow. ” We never know a streak of bad luck, to have somebody on the street. ” I’ve seen veterans out there on the street, and a lot of times it’s because they have a dog and they can’t take it into a shelter. ” But a lot of times people would rather stay on the streets.”

Warming stations like 99 for 1 Church is offering more than just food, clothing, and shelter for people in need, they’re offering a different blessing.

Volunteer Janet Webb says their blessing is making sure people are alive and safe.

” If they come here they’re going to be safe,” said Webb. ” They’re going to be welcomed and the church is going to provide what they need to stay safe and alive.”

However, out of all the blessings, the biggest blessing is providing a special wooden box called, ” The Blessing Box.”

Volunteer Tera Hatfield says ” The Blessing Box”, is another alternative for heating food in cold temperatures.

” Our blessing box, it’s the go forth box, ” said Hatfield. ” Anybody can donate non-perishable items, they can just place it inside the cabinet we offer a microwave, plates, and spoons. ” People can come at anytime during the night and fix a meal.”

Temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday are expected to drop below freezing, but these volunteers urge everyone to take precautions in these conditions.

” People have to do whatever they can to do to get inside from these temperatures,” said Janet Webb. ” They need to stay as bundled up as they can and avoid going out if they don’t have to.”

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