Women say “fake cop” assaulted them in Lexington apartment

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Two women say a man impersonating an officer barged into their apartment and assaulted them Thursday morning.

Police say the women told them there was a knock on the door of their apartment at around 3 a.m. and when one of the women looked out, she saw a man dressed in a navy blue uniform, wearing a navy blue hat with a yellow band on it.

She says the man told her he was there to investigate a noise complaint.

When she opened the door, she says he punched her in the face and pushed past her into the apartment.

He then went to a back room, where another woman was coming out. She was hit in the head by the man, who then grabbed a pair of work boots and a pair of pants from the floor. That’s when another man who was in the apartment came out from another room and chased the man out of the apartment.

Police say they are getting conflicting stories from the women and the man. They say they hope follow-up interviews will give them a better idea of what happened.

They are still searching for the suspect and say they are investigating this as a burglary.

People living in the Spanish Trace Villa apartments are being extra cautious.

“First thing I do when I open my door is, I’ll ask before I open it because you know never know what’s going to happen around you,” said Robert Powell who lives in the apartment complex.

Police say anyone can ask for an officer’s name and badge number then call dispatch to confirm if there is an actual officer at the door.

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