Women from across the country sign letter to Louisville mayor

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – The list of people encouraging state and local leaders to take action against the police officers involved in the Breonna Taylor case in Louisville continues to grow — literally.

More than 400 Louisville Metro women have been joined by more than 2,300 others across the country to jointly call on Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer to fire the police officers who conducted the raid that left Breonna Taylor dead in her apartment. 

With more across the country adding their names each day, the letter organizers hope this effort will not only speak to the mayor but move more white women to take action on behalf of Justice for Breonna.

“We are listening to Black women, beginning with Breonna Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, for the mayor to remove the officers involved in her death from Louisville’s Metro Police Department,” said Pam McMichael, one of the letter’s organizers. “As white women we refuse to let our silence be an excuse for inaction.”

The letter states that Black women along with all Black Americans inhabit a society where injustice based on skin color permeates every facet of life, but as long as the majority of white people, including white women, fail to demand action on racial injustice, race-based inequity and violence will continue with devastating consequences.

“We are asking that the officers be fired immediately,” stated Susan Hershberg who also helped bring the letter effort into being. “Lack of immediate action is a glaring example of an unwillingness to move the arc of justice. We need the mayor to stand up now on the right side of history and allow us to begin the process of healing our beloved community.”

“Our mayor, who also chairs the US Conference of Mayors, needs to demonstrate that he is committed to change making.” said Carla F Wallace who is helping collect signatures on the letter “Listening to Black women, to those most impacted in what many are calling the ground zero of racial justice, is an important place to start.”

The project to circulate the public letter was organized by Louisville women including Emily Bingham, Susan Hershberg, Heather Kleisner, Pam McMichael, Eleanor Bingham Miller and Carla F Wallace.

The letter concludes its address to Mayor Fischer by stating, “No matter what you do next, our city cannot move forward with moral integrity and faith in a better future  without the firing of the officers involved in Breonna’s death.  There is no leaping over Breonna Taylor’s body to the broader changes you and we know are necessary.”

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