Woman Charged With DUI After Crashing SUV into House

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- A woman in Lexington faces several charges including DUI after crashing her SUV into a home off Corral Street.

Police say early Sunday morning 39-year-old Cheree Merchant hit a pole before driving up onto the sidewalk, crashing through the garage of a house and hitting the side of the house next door.

Matelene Campbell claims her daughter had been living in the home and just moved out two days ago.

She says she’s still in shock that the home her daughter and two grandchildren were living in just days ago is now in pieces.

“Looking at this is like furious, oh my god it, I’m a bit touched so,” said Campbell.

Police say Merchant drove her SUV into a pole before crashing through the garage.

“I don’t know, she’s lucky that house was there to save her because if that house wasn’t there I think she probably would have went into the next street over. So she’s lucky,” said Campbell.

Campbell says her daughter only had a few things left in the house to move out, some of which was sitting in the garage.

“It would have been her last day of coming and picking up odds and ends which like the bed rail and the computer and stuff that was in the garage. So yeah which would have been the last day today,” said Campbell.

While the damage is extensive, Campbell says she’s just thankful her family wasn’t there when it happened.

“Still can’t get over it but I’m happy she isn’t in this house. I’m happy she was away from this house when this happened,” said Campbell.

Police say in addition to DUI they are filing several other charges against Merchant including two counts of first degree criminal mischief.

Merchant will be in court Tuesday.

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