Woman accused of murder says she was threatened to kill

PULASKI COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – The woman who is accused of brutally killing a Pulaski County mother was in court on Wednesday.

Lieutenant, Bobby Jones gave his testimony in the court room.

Jones explained that Danelle Powell, who is accused of murdering Leeanna Brumley, told him she was threatened to kill Brumley.

Jones believes there’s three people involved with the murder including Danelle Powell, Gerald Hendricks, and Corky Hendricks.

On the stand, Jones says Powell told him Gerald Hendricks held a gun to her head and threatened her to shoot. If she didn’t, she says he told her he would kill her kids, make her watch, and then kill her.

Jones continues to say Brumley turned around and was facing Powell when she shot her.

From there, Jones says according to Powell the group of three went to another residence where Gerald hit Brumley with a hatchet and she was burned.

Jones said he spoke with Corky Hendricks. He had a similar story but the biggest difference was he says he didn’t see Gerald hold a gun to Powell’s head before she shot Brumley. He says he only heard Gerald command her to do it.

Leanne Brumley’s family was in the court room on Wednesday. Her mother and sister say seeing Brumley’s accused killer is heartbreaking.

“It’s horrible. I just wish Leeanna would come back and that it was all a dream and that we’re sitting here for no reason,” said Faith Duggins, Brumley’s sister.

Danelle Powell is being held on $500,000 bond in Pulaski County.

Jones believes there will be more charges coming against the two men involved.

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