Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge looking for volunteers, donations

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge is a 501 (c)3 non-profit, no kill sanctuary for animals. They not only take in animals at their sanctuary, they work to educate the public on the difference between wolves, wolf hybrids and dogs.

“There’s a lot of behavioral differences and physical traits that are different between dogs and wolves,” explained Kara Baird, outlining them with their 98 pound educational wolf dog Nyellie, a 5-year-old wolf hybrid.

Right now, Baird says they have about 20 wolves and wolf dogs at the sanctuary.

Baird says one of the biggest issues they see is people claiming their dogs are wolves or part wolf which may not be legal in that particular area. “(That) creates a problem of them being at risk for being euthanized,” explained Baird.

It’s why they work so hard to raise awareness and educate the public.

“We’ll take in animals that people had difficulty raising or got in neglect situations but it creates a unique opportunity for people to come out and see the differences,” said Baird.

Part of the educational component includes an event called ‘Wolf Selfies’.

“What people can do is they can book us for a ‘Wolf Selfie’ event and Nyellie will interact with people and get to take pictures. And then, it raises money for our animals so can get the vet treatment and food and all of the things they need,” said Baird.

And the cost to keep these animals healthy and happy isn’t cheap. Everything from food, shelter, vet bills, fencing and toys are constantly in need.

Plus, the refuge is also home to coyotes, bobcats and white tail deer.

“We do take in animals in the summer, rehab and release them,” said Baird.

Wolf Run is closed to the public but open for members, volunteers, interns and educational programs.

“We have them come out, not necesarily work right away with them, but help scrub feed buckets, water buckets, help us clean up everything and anything we have out there,” said Debra Kelly.

If you’d like to apply for an internship or to volunteer, Kelly says you can fill out an online application, HERE.

And because Wolf Run does not receive any federal or state funding, they rely on donations. Kelly says they can always use monetary donations, any kind of feed or raw meat. You can stay up to date with their needs and events, HERE.


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