With staffs swamped, health departments change processes

Agencies ask public's understanding, patience

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. – Health departments across the state are being overwhelmed by the surge of omicron-fueled CVID cases that has only grown since late December.

That, along with changing CDC guidelines and recommendations, are forcing changes in procedures as staffs try to keep up.

For instance, the Franklin County Health Department is advising patients of alternative procedures.

“Due to the high number of COVID-19 cases and the shortened isolation/quarantine option, our disease investigation team will no longer be mailing letters to individual positive results. Do not wait to hear from our team to isolate away from others after news of a positive test result, the department said in a social media advisory. :If you are waiting on a test result, please go ahead and isolate away from others the best you can, wear a mask, etc.

“We do not provide work release notes; your positive test results should be acceptable at your employer’s office,” the agency added.

The Franklin office also directs callers and visitors with questions about COVID-19 or isolation/quarantine dates to visit https://fchd.org/exposurecalculator/

“There you will find 10, 5, 10 guidance as well as an interactive calculator based upon your unique scenario.

“We know it is frustrating to find testing, to get test results, etc. However, our staff cannot keep up with the demand of phone calls right now. If you have questions regarding your test results, please contact the facility who tested you – and they are overwhelmed too,” the department advised.

Franklin County does have testing five days a week at its Public Health Center but it only provides the facility, Mako Labs or Gravity Diagnostics actually handle the testing and should be contacted with questions about results, which are taking about 36-48 hours to get back with the current surge in testing.

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