Wintry mix affects road conditions

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – It’s winter time, and a wintry mix fell this morning in Lexington that could affect drivers on their morning commutes.

According to Lexington Emergency Management, there’s some safety tips motorists should follow when driving in snowy and rainy conditions.

Lexington Emergency Management says when driving in the rain, maintenance is the first step, including changing worn out tires to make sure you have traction.

They say it’s critical for you to use windshield wipers, turning on headlights, and using your defroster and air conditioner to keep windows clear.

Lexington Emergency Management also says you should allow more space between you and the car ahead of you because it will take longer for you to slow down and stop in rainy conditions.

They say when driving in snow, do not use cruise control and slow down when approaching intersections.


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