Winter weather delays post-Thanksgiving travel

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- The winter weather has caused a lot of headaches for people trying to get home after this holiday weekend.

Blue Grass Airport saw several delays and cancellations Monday.

As millions of people make their way home after the Thanksgiving holiday many are facing flight delays and cancellations as one of the first big snow storms sweeps across the country.

“This seems to be our first big snow storm of the year that’s actually impacting air travel,” said Amy Caudill with Blue Grass Airport.

Almost every flight to and from Chicago was delayed or cancelled at Blue Grass Airport Monday, something officials say can cause even more delays across the country.

“When you have a lot of flights coming in and out at one time, if they do experience bad weather, that sometimes can have a ripple effect on the industry and other airports so. But from our perspective we always try to make sure that during bad weather that of course our runways are clean and clear and ready to go,” said Caudill.

While no one likes a change in plans, passengers say it’s better to be prepared and okay with any that may come.

“I always have an extra set of clothing packed and toiletries. I do have that packed extra just in case,” said Monika Ellis of Lexington.

“Delays are going to happen and, ‘oh I’ve got to sit in a chair for 30 minutes longer. Like I’m so inconvenienced. Like no, you just need to relax and keep it all in perspective,” said Mike Wilkinson of Lexington.

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