Winchester community remembers two girls shot to death

WINCHESTER, Ky. (WTVQ) – Candles were lit Thursday night, paying tribute to two teenage girls, gunned down in Winchester just two nights before.

16-year-olds Adrianna Castro and Kayla Holland died in that shooting on East Washington Street.

Four other teens are accused in their deaths. They are Mikaela Buford, 18, Ronnie Ellis, 18, Denzel Hill, 24, and Darian Skinner, 22.

All four pleaded ‘not guilty’ Wednesday in court and are being held on $1 million bonds.

Thursday night at the Clark County Courthouse, hundreds of people lit candles in honor of the girls who lost their lives.

“People loved both of them,” said Morgan Martinez, a friend of the victims. “We all did.”

All of the people at the courthouse were there in memory of Adrianna Castro and Kayla Holland. Two girls that friends say were kind, and had big personalities.

“It’s like everybody knew them,” said Martinez. “You say their name, they know exactly who they are.”

Family members say they’re happy to live in a community that shows so much support; something they’ll need in the coming months.

“It’s going to be hard,” said Kayla’s cousin Nekara Khawaja. “It’s going to be really hard without her.”

Pastor Ryan Dotson, of Lighthouse World Outreach Center in Winchester, spoke at the vigil.

He says he just wants the girls’ friends and families to know, it’s okay to grieve.

“We cry for a reason. We mourn for a reason,” said Dotson. “That is a part of the healing process, so I just want to encourage them to cry… to go ahead, it’s okay to. But, draw strength from others because there’s a lot of people grieving. It’s not just one or two. There’s a whole community grieving.”

Friends are hopeful that with Adrianna and Kayla’s senseless deaths, people will realize it’s time for change.

“Maybe this will get people in Winchester to realize that we need to come together and we need to stop with the violence,” said Jasmine Roe, a friend of the victims.

Police say they’re still trying to figure out how, and why, the shooting happened.

For the night, the community just wanted to focus on remembering the lives the girls lived, and supporting the families that are now living without their daughters.

Adrianna was buried Thursday morning. Her funeral service was at Scobee Funeral Home in Winchester.

The Holland family is still raising money to fund Kayla’s service.

Donations can be made to the families by clicking here.

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