Winburn Public Safety Day planned for day after Lexington Police respond to three shootings

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Since May 22, police have responded to four shootings in the Winburn community and about a dozen in Lexington. A community public safety day planned for Winburn Wednesday could not come at a better time.

The event was already scheduled before police responded to three shootings Tuesday, two of those back to back in Winburn, but now it might be even more relevant.

An evening walk around the neighborhood is normal for Lashonda Hill and her kids even after a day of three nearby shootings that should be seen as anything, but normal.

“It’s scary for my children…them growing up in this world,” Hill said.

She says if she is not with them, she does not let her kids play outside.

“Every second, I have to look out the window to make sure that was not a shot towards my child,” Hill said.

It is why she is relieved to hear Wednesday community members are invited to a public safety day hosted by Community Action Council’s Winburn Community Partners. Organizers say it will feature police and free food.

“The whole idea is that we are promoting positive relationships among community residents, community partners, and with the police department,” Community Action Council’s Melissa Kane said. One organizer says she knows some of the community’s issues are based in poverty.

“So many people feel like they don’t have any type of outlet, any way to let their voice be heard and so that is what we do as Community Action Council is really try to come alongside people and say, ‘Hey, we want to be your voice,'” Community Action Council’s Catrena Bowman said.

Bowman says in Winburn she has noticed the influx of an African American population and a Hispanic population, and she is excited to see them come together. She also wants Wednesday evening to be a time when neighbors can see police outside of a crime scene.

“Police are here for this community and so what they wanted to do was to really showcase that to the neighborhood to say we’re here for you, we’re here to support you,” Bowman said. ‘

The public safety day is scheduled to take place Wednesday at Community Action Council’s Winburn location at 1169 Winburn Drive from 5-7 p.m.


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