While Hemp Seeds Held Up, One Farmer Prepares To Plant

Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer urged the DEA and customs to release 250 pounds of seeds.  Comer said if they do not, he will take them to federal court. 

In the meantime, we found one farmer who has seeds. 

Farmers Tuesday prepared a Rockcastle County field.  Friday, they plant. 

"It’s pretty amazing.  We’re pretty fortunate to be the group that gets to plant this hemp," said Michael Lewis, who will be the first Kentuckian to plant hemp since roughly WWII. 

Originally, Lewis wanted to plant 70 acres.  He only has enough seeds for half an acre.

"We’re not growing drugs.  We’re trying to grow jobs.  That’s the bottom line," said Lewis.

About 70 veterans will come to help plant the crop.  Lewis served in the army. 

"What we do is not help, we empower," said Lewis.

Lewis called hemp a gateway crop: A gateway to jobs and a gateway to civilian life.

Former marine Kevin Lanzi arrived Tuesday from Colorado.

"It’s very therapeutic, you can actually see your results, you grow something, plant a seed, watch it grow, have to nurture it, take care of it, the whole responsibility is on you," said Lanzi. 

Lanzi said growing a crop becomes veterans’ new mission. 

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