What to do if you lose your COVID-19 Vaccination card

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Your COVID-19 proof of vaccination card is the next important document to keep safe.

But as many people know, misplacing something can happen.

While the CDC is a federal agency and then states helped with vaccination roll-out, requesting a new COVID-19 vaccination card falls on the organization that gave you your shot.

Governor Beshear also said Monday in his daily briefing you can contact your local health department and there should be a registry with your information.

Lexington Health Department’s help line number is 859-899-2222.

For Baptist Health Lexington there’s a patient portal to access your vaccination card digitally at any time or you can call 859-260-6184 to contact the Health Information Management Office.

University of Kentucky Healthcare says replacement vaccination cards can be requested by emailing vaccine@uky.edu or calling 859-218-0111.

Both Baptist Health and UK says record keeping was important from the get-go, especially when you consider Pfizer and Moderna requires two shots.

“That system that you ultimately request your vaccine on is also the system where it’s logged,” Lance Poston with UK said. “So we’ve got a central place that if you do in fact lose your card that we can access all that information with a few clicks and verify and get you set up again.”

Some have recommended taking a photo of your vaccination card to show if someone asks to see proof. Governor Beshear said a photo of the card should be sufficient.

“I tell business owners, if they show their card or show a picture of it then you ought accept it,” Beshear said.

He also mentioned those that chose to lie about their vaccination are hurting themselves more than others who truly are vaccinated.

“What we now know is that they’re not putting vaccinated people at that much risk which lets us move in the direction we have,” Beshear said.

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