What to do if you don’t receive your stimulus check

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Have you received your second stimulus check yet? The IRS has until January 15 to get your check to you, but what if it doesn’t arrive? A Lexington financial expert weighs in.

“There’s always going to be issues,” said Donald Bentley,Family Wealth Group Owner Advisor. “You’re dealing with 300 million plus people, and you’re trying to get something done in two weeks, and that’s a big task.”

We asked you on our ABC 36’s Facebook page if you had received your stimulus check. More than 600 people commented. Many said you’re still waiting and are frustrated.

One viewer said, “Still waiting! Sure could use it right now.”

Bentley said the best thing to have right now is patience, as the IRS tries to make the deadline on Friday.

“The 15th being a Friday, give them over the weekend,” said Bentley.

In the meantime, double-check that you filed your 2019 tax return. You can go to the IRS website and track it by mail if it’s not a direct deposit.

Bentley said there are several reasons why your check is taking longer to get to you or not arriving at all. If you filed through a large tax return company, there’s an extra step your money has to go through before getting to you. Another reason for the delay, your information changed, such as you moved addresses or changed bank accounts. If your 2019 tax returns were not filed or done yet, it most likely won’t arrive by next week.

If it doesn’t arrive, you can claim the payment on your 2020 federal tax return by filing Form 1040 or 1040 SR, so you can still eventually get the money. It’s the recovery rebate credit that’s on line 30. However, there is still a chance you won’t receive it.

“If you were to happen to owe income taxes for 2020, they’re going to use that credit to offset what you owe,” Bentley said.

Some parents said they didn’t receive money for their children. If you didn’t receive money for a child under 17 years old, you can try to claim that on your tax returns.

“If you are eligible to get it, you will get the money,” said Bentley.

IRS eligibility requirements state individuals with an income less than $75,000 and couples less than $150,000 are eligible for the full amount of $600.

If all else fails, call the IRS.

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