Western Kentucky to get more than $2.7 million in economic funding

The funds are provided by the Delta Regional Authority, which Senator McConnell supports during the Senate’s annual appropriations process.

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced Tuesday the Delta Regional Authority (DRA) will provide several Western Kentucky communities with investments totaling $2,783,204 to improve local public services and spur economic development.

The DRA will allocate funding to projects in Hopkinsville, Benton, Calhoun, Guthrie, Wickliffe, and Henderson, Kentucky. Senator McConnell is a longtime supporter of robust DRA funding and advocates for the agency during the Senate’s annual appropriations process. He also contacted the DRA in support of the projects selected in today’s announcement.

“The Delta Regional Authority delivers important resources to a wide range of communities, all tied together by their unique bond to the Mississippi River and its tributaries. I have been a proud supporter of this program for years and gladly advocate on behalf of Kentucky communities to receive substantial agency investment,” said Senator McConnell. “The projects funded by today’s announcement will have real, tangible effects on the lives of Western Kentuckians and will spur the economic development their region needs to prosper.”

The DRA announced funding for the following six projects in Western Kentucky:

$410,234 to the City of Hopkinsville to launch a sewer extension project to a currently unserved company within the city’s limits.

“Companies need access to city utilities when they decide to invest in Hopkinsville, and with help from the Delta Regional Authority and Senator McConnell, we will be able to provide them with the services they require. The funding announced today will make a major impact on our economic development,” said Hopkinsville Mayor Wendell Lynch. “We are deeply appreciative of Senator McConnell’s commitment to improving public services and fostering growth in Western Kentucky.”

$421,938 to the City of Benton to extend the city’s West 6th Street sewer interceptor by approximately 1,200 linear feet.

“For businesses and families to plant their roots in Benton, they need to be sure that our city’s utilities have the capacity to accommodate new development. Today’s grant announcement helps us provide that assurance by funding a critical expansion to our existing sewage facilities,” said Benton Mayor Rita Dotson. “We are thankful to the Delta Regional Authority for providing this grant and are proud to be represented by Senator McConnell, who understands that these types of projects can make huge differences in communities like my own.”

$498,900 to the McLean County Fiscal Court to construct a 300-foot broadband tower in Calhoun, Kentucky to provide broadband services to unserved or underserved rural residents.

“McLean County is primarily rural, meaning many of our residents lack access to reliable broadband, with some even unable to contact 911 in an emergency. To address this problem, county leaders have prioritized building new broadband infrastructure and are thankful for any federal help we get to fund new projects,” said McLean County Judge-Executive Curtis Dame. “We are incredibly appreciative for the Delta Regional Authority grant announced today, which will allow us to construct a new broadband tower in Calhoun, and for Senator McConnell’s advocacy on behalf of Kentucky’s rural communities.”

 $387,800 to the City of Guthrie to extend the city’s sewer and natural gas lines to a currently unserved commercial development.

“The City of Guthrie works hard to attract new employers to our community, but we need robust utility services to bring businesses and families to our area. We are thankful for the Delta Regional Authority and Senator McConnell and their work to provide us with the federal help we need to operate at the highest level,” said Guthrie Mayor Jimmy Covington. “Today’s grant announcement is great news for Guthrie’s growth and economic development.”

$509,000 to the Ballard County Economic & Industrial Development Corporation to establish a grocery store in Wickliffe, Kentucky.

“To become a healthier, more vibrant community, Ballard County needs to invest in fresh food options that meet the needs of our entire population, wherever they may live. This grant from the Delta Regional Authority will help us establish a new grocery store in Wickliffe, giving locals an easily accessible way to feed their families,” said Hannah Chretien, Executive Director of the Ballard Economic & Industrial Development Committee. “Senator McConnell played an instrumental role in securing this funding. We are incredibly thankful for the special attention he pays to economic development in Western Kentucky.”

$555,332 to the City of Henderson to upgrade existing natural gas infrastructure to service new industry users.

“In Henderson, one of our top priorities is attracting new jobs and talent to our community. To do so, our utilities must offer comprehensive coverage that provides services to every single business. Thankfully, with the Delta Regional Authority and Senator McConnell’s help, we now have the resources to build out our infrastructure and welcome new economic development,” said Henderson Mayor Steve Austin. “We are proud to have representatives in Washington, like Senator McConnell, who prioritize Western Kentucky’s economy and help provide us with the funding we need to grow.”

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