West Liberty To Open New School Next Month

After a long road to recovery it’s a new beginning for West Liberty Elementary students.

Their school in Morgan County was demolished almost two years ago in a deadly tornado.

But thanks to help from the community they’ll soon head back to class in their brand new building with a brand new name.

Under a month the hallways will be filled with children.

Right now the new Wrigley Elementary School is still being finished.

But school officials say they’ll be ready for class in January.

"We’re used to it we did it two years ago it was really hard then so this will be easy compared to what we went through before." Two years ago a tornado destroyed West Liberty Elementary.
Forcing the school to relocate to an old factory.

But now the new school is only a few coats of paint and a basketball court away from opening.
"A good friend of mine set it will be like how kids anticipate the toys at Christmas….that’s kind of how we are with our building."

The district says the land for the school was donated.

They say throughout this process the community has helped in many different ways.

"I think we will have so much community involvement because where we did move and it was temporary we kind of lost some of that. Coming here and knowing this is where we will always be it is a nice feeling."

Ironically the old Wrigley Elementary School was replaced by the West Liberty Elementary School.
That Wrigley Elementary was also principled by the mother of current principal.

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