Well known book store closing after nearly 70 years

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – It’s been a UK fixture for 67 years, but Kennedy bookstore says its cash register is about to ring for the last time.

Kennedy’s book store has been open since 1950, and the general manager has worked there since she was a little girl.

She says her dad, the founder, didn’t like to read books, but loved to sell them.

“I am an only child and to get out of my mothers hair he would bring me here on Saturdays with him and when I was in junior high I got to where i would ride my bike here.”

with increasing UK product licensing costs and the internet taking a big bite out of the college textbook market, she knew the time would come eventually.

“I told my full time people, a long time ago, I brought each one in to the office, and said here is the deal, they weren’t shocked, but it was a sad day.”

Even though hundreds of customers have come in to snag some great deals, some have come in just to reminicse about old times here at UK.

Alan Ross, a UK alum says he and his father both got their textbooks at Kennedy’s.

“I remember coming in here and shopping with him and getting books and buying stuff and the fact that its going out of business is kind of sad really, it’s an institution, we didn’t go to the UK bookstore, we came in here for the most part.”

But despite the store closing, the Kennedy family will continue to give out 10, $1,000 scholarships each year to outstanding UK students, and the students is what Kennedy says she will miss the most.

“Working with college kids, it keeps you on your toes, but they are fun and energetic and smart so that’s been a great thing.”

All merchandise is marked down, except textbooks.
Rented books must be returned by December 16th as Kennedy’s last day is December 22nd.

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