Wedding season is making a comeback

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Planning a wedding during the pandemic has not been easy but, it’s getting better as more people get vaccinated and restrictions are lifted.

“The industry took about a $26 billion hit,” Arnold said.

The recovery is coming just in time for the Spring and Summer wedding seasons.

One example, Vivi’s bridal shop is celebrating the grand opening of its new location in Richmond.

“We’re seeing a little hope. We’re seeing more people get excited. People are ready to feel good, they’re ready to celebrate their day and they’re just all in,” Arnold said.

Owner Krystin Arnold says people are ready to go big for their big day but they also want to remain cautious.

“After the pandemic people wanted a more personal, intimate wedding ceremony and so we have the ability to give them some more of what they’re looking for in personalizing their gowns,” Arnold said.

As for wedding venues, Event Manager of the Round Barn Stable of Memories in lexington Shanna Johnson says her business was down about 60 percent.

“The first question we get asked from our brides and their wedding parties especially, is do we have to wear a mask during our ceremony,” Johnson said.

She says with the mask restrictions slowly lifting, she, along with the rest of the wedding industry is staying busy.

“We’re just excited to be able to do that. Especially this spot where we’re kind of indoor outdoor. We can throw all the doors up and we can some air circulating in here and it just does make people feel more comfortable,” Johnson said.

One thing Arnold and Johnson both mentioned is the planning time for most couples has been much faster than usual.

They say people are excited to get married and start their lives as husband and wife, pandemic or not.

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