Weathering The Roads

People throughout Central Kentucky are waking up Wednesday mornings to roads covered in solid ice, and some have no choice but to hit the roads in these conditions.

Although most people hate driving in snow and icy conditions, Charles Strickland doesn’t mind.

He’s usually referred to as "Charles In Charge" by his fares. Strickland enjoys this kind of weather.

"This is what I do," Strickland said.

Charles was a truck driver for many years before retiring to Lexington and driving cabs for extra money. He knows all about driving in a variety of weather conditions.

"[People] get into trouble because they’re not prepared," he said. "The problem they get into is you need to space yourself from other people. It’s not a race, the idea is to get there safely."

When it comes to this weather, Strickland says you don’t have to worry about the drive, just leave it up to the pros.

"Bring it on, this is what we do for a living. This is where we shine," he said.

For those on the edge of calling a cab or driving, Strickland suggested "a little bit of cab fare is certainly worth not messing your car up."

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