Water Main Break Floods Home

A watery mess in a Lexington neighborhood following a water line break that was reported around 12:30 Friday morning.

The breaks happened on Rosemont Garden and Nicholasville Road sending water flowing into the Elam Park area.

Crews with Kentucky American responded to the scene and were eventually able to shut off the water but not before it flooded the basement and garage of at least one home.

The leaks were temporarily fixed by six in the morning.

The homeowner tells ABC 36s, she thought it was raining and when she went to investigate, found six feet of water in her basement and garage.

 “The front yard was flooded, over here was flooded it was just like panic,” said Mary Stinnett about all the water she woke-up to.  “It was scary thinking the house would catch on fire or something like that.”
Stinnett said she and her family don’t know if they will have to leave the home yet.

Kentucky American believes vibrations from the road and nearby railroads along with wear and tear on the pipes caused the breaks.
Crews don’t believe anyone is without water but they are double checking.
The right, outbound lane of Nicholasville Rd is shut down while crews are working.

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