WATCH: Lexington Police release body camera video to refute racism, chokehold claims

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Protesters were back out in downtown Lexington Sunday, lodging new complaints against police. They say officers showed violence and racism when arresting protesters Saturday.

Lexington Police are responding to protesters’ new accusations with body camera video showing the moments Saturday when officers arrested five protesters.

Police say the protesters were blocking traffic, standing in the street when the traffic light was green. Protesters say two black women were arrested in a crosswalk while two white men doing the same thing, weren’t arrested.

Protesters also say officers used a chokehold Saturday during a peaceful protest when police have promised chokeholds are only used in life or death situations.

Police say officers did not use a chokehold on that man.

Instead, they say an officer wrapped his arm around the man to pull him away from another officer. They then took him to the ground and arrested him.

Protesters brought their march to Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton’s house Sunday.

They say she hasn’t addressed many of their concerns and hasn’t said anything about Saturday’s arrests, which they believe show the Lexington Police Department has a racism and violence problem.

“The mayor is committed to, and is working on, meaningful change, but that takes time. She understands protesters want change now, and respects their right to protest peacefully,” Mayor’s Office Communications Director Susan Straub said.

ABC 36 News tried to talk to protesters Sunday night about the newly released police body camera video. They not only would not talk to reporter Bobbi McSwine, but also blocked her from trying to exercise her first amendment right to document them exercising theirs.

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