Warren, Edmonson counties get $5.3 million for water, sewer projects

Governor also awards $1 million Community Development Block Grant to support affordable housing in Bowling Green

WARREN, EDMONSON COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) Gov. Andy Beshear awarded $5,326,965 to three water utilities in Warren and Edmonson counties. The funding, from the Better Kentucky Plan’s $250 million Cleaner Water Program, will deliver clean drinking water and improved sewer and water systems. The program is estimated to create approximately 3,800 jobs across the state.

“As our economy stays on fire, Warren and Edmonson counties will use these investments to build a better Kentucky, providing additional opportunity for economic and residential growth,” said Gov. Beshear. “The last few months have been challenging for our folks hit by the December storms, but these funds will help move us forward and ensure access to clean water, a basic human right.”

The Governor also presented a $1 million Community Development Block Grant, administered by the Department for Local Government, to the City of Bowling Green and its partner Live the Dream Development Inc. (LTD) to support affordable housing.

In their funding application, city officials said the need for affordable rental housing has increased exponentially due to two catastrophic factors: the COVID-19 pandemic and the Dec. 10, 2021, tornado. This grant will fund the construction of 10 new housing units owned, maintained and operated by LTD to serve renters with low to moderate incomes.

Funded by the American Rescue Plan Act and administered by the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA), $250 million was appropriated at the close of the 2021 General Assembly through a bi-partisan agreement for clean drinking water and wastewater grants to fund projects across Kentucky.

The Barren River Area Development District submitted funding requests for the projects to the KIA and include:

Warren County
To meet the requirements of the EPA’s Lead and Copper Rule, Bowling Green Municipal Utilities will receive $1,990,000 to identify materials for each service line and confirm or rule out locations of galvanized lead and copper lines throughout the system. This will involve excavation at nearly 20,000 locations on each side of customers’ meter boxes.

Bowling Green Municipal Utilities also will invest $450,372 to replace old, deteriorated meter yoke sets and lead goose necks with new service lines and modern meter sets.

The Warren County Water District will receive $2,080,000 for the Southwest Parkway Interceptor project that will add 7,225 feet of gravity sewer line and eliminate an aging lift station. The project will support and enable local industrial, commercial and residential expansion.

The water district also will invest $360,372 to install 5,500 feet of water line, increasing the water capacity to serve growth in this area and to provide adequate fire protection for commercial and residential developments.

Edmonson County
The Edmonson County Water District will receive $446,221 for water line and pump station improvements that will provide improved service to more than 1,600 underserved customers. It will eliminate leaks, widen service capabilities, and allow the district to meet peak water demands.

“On behalf of the county and the water board, I’m appreciative the Governor providing this funding which will help our county repair infrastructure and complete these critical projects for our Edmonson County families,” said Edmonson County Judge/Executive Wil Cannon.

Legislators representing Warren and Edmonson counties celebrated Gov. Beshear’s infrastructure announcements that will benefit families in their districts.

“Clean water and affordable housing are fundamental to healthy families and vibrant communities,” said Senate Majority Whip Mike Wilson, who represents Warren County. “I celebrate these investments in Edmonson and Warren counties and the benefits these funds provide.”

“The funding announced today for these two crucial programs, without question, is going to benefit the people of the commonwealth,” said Rep. Shawn McPherson, whose district includes part of Warren County. “The Cleaner Water Program improves both the drinking water systems and wastewater systems. The Affordable Housing funding addresses the housing needs by low-income Kentucky families and ensures these families have access to affordable and safe housing. I am proud to have been part of a legislature that budgeted the money from ARPA funds in last year’s budget.”

“Cleaner water and more affordable housing are two of the most important things that the state can help provide, so I am proud to see our communities receive this money and know it will be put to great use, because the need for both is clear,” said Rep. Patti Minter of Bowling Green, who represents part of Warren County. “I want to thank Gov. Beshear for traveling here to make this announcement in person.  I’ve been proud to work with him and my fellow legislators to make vital projects like this possible.”

“Today, Edmonson and Warren counties are receiving funds for projects that will benefit all of the citizens of our two counties,” said Rep. Michael Meredith, who represents Edmonson County and part of Warren County. “When the legislature allocated these funds from the American Rescue Plan Act money, we sought a way to make the biggest long-term impact to improve the quality of life for our people. These projects are exactly what we were thinking. Improving the commonwealth’s infrastructure and securing affordable housing is key in bettering the lives of Kentucky’s citizens.”

“The Cleaner Water Program and the affordable housing project are critical to keeping the citizens of the commonwealth safe,” said Rep. Jason Petrie, whose district includes part of Warren County. “These two programs are precisely what the legislature had in mind when we committed funds from the American Rescue Plan Act. It is so important that my constituents in Warren County and people throughout Kentucky safe have clean water, safe waste water treatment plants, and affordable housing.”

“Both of these initiatives, the Cleaner Water Program and affordable housing program, are key in ensuring the safety of the residents of our community,” said Rep. Steve Riley, whose district includes part of Warren County. “Every person deserves access to clean water and a safe and affordable place to live. These programs are exactly what the General Assembly had in mind when we allocated the ARPA funds money in last year’s budget. While the ARPA Funds were given to us during a period of uncertainty, we can’t lose sight of the fact they are taxpayer dollars and I’m proud that we put it to use to improve the lives of every citizen in the commonwealth.”

“The funding for both the Cleaner Water Program and affordable housing program are going to improve the lives of those living in Warren County,” said Rep. Steve Sheldon, whose district includes part of Warren County. “I am happy to see that my constituents in Warren County will benefit from these programs. The money going to these programs come from COVID-relief funds given to us by the federal government and the General Assembly including these funds in last year’s budget from programs just like these two. We are going to improve critical infrastructure, while simultaneously improving the lives of the citizens of Kentucky through clean water and affordable housing.”

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