Warming Shelter in Rockcastle County helps dozens of people left without power

ROCKCASTLE COUNTY, Ky. (ABC 36) – When Jordan Taylor’s family lost power Monday night, they didn’t know where to turn.

“10 o’clock Monday night is when our power went out and my dad is considered a critical patient, so he has to have electricity in order to survive. So, Monday night we went and were able to go to the Brodhead Fire Department.”

Taylor says his dad survives on batteries and a pump after suffering a heart attack, but without electricity he’s not able to charge those batteries…so his survival was a huge concern.

“Tuesday they told us about this being open up so we come here and the hospitality that’s come out of this has been unreal.”

The Christian Appalachian Project teamed up with the Rockcastle County Middle School to open a warming shelter for those who lost power this week.

“We’ve had about 30 people in and out, mostly elderly that just couldn’t take the cold, didn’t have means of heat and it’s been great, the community has been awesome” said Director of Disaster Relief, Robyn Renner.

“It’s taken an entire team effort with our volunteer fire departments, our sheriff’s office, our city police department, churches, just many community volunteers that have just poured in providing food and water” added Superintendent of Rockcastle County schools, Carrie Ballinger.

The shelter has provided people with a safe place to sleep, eat and recover, while still practicing social distancing and safety guidelines with temperature checks and sanitizing.

10 people are still seeking shelter since it opened as power continues to turn back on for others.

For Taylor and his family…they’re expecting their power to return on Friday.

“We’re very blessed that we have this place and we’re blessed for the people that we have helping us here.”

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