Voter registration dips after two months of increases

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ/Press Release) – Despite Kentucky’s voter registration seeing small increases for two months, the numbers have gone back down.

5,465 new registrations were logged, but 5,880 registrations were canceled. Those canceled registrations came from 4,000 deceased voters, 1,236 voters who moved out of state, 374 felony convicts, 249 judged mentally incompetent, and 21 voters who voluntarily de-registered.

“While I’m proud of our diligence in cleaning up our voter rolls, I’m concerned about the drop in new registrations,” Secretary of State Michael Adams said. “Registering to vote has never been easier: you can register online at our website,”

Democratic registrants represent 46.3 percent of the electorate with 1,649,790 registered voters. Democratic registration dropped by 2,279 since May 31, a 0.14 percent decrease.

Republican registrants total 1,576,259, or 44.2 percent of voters. Republicans saw an increase of 1,010 registered voters, a rise of 0.06 percent from May 31.

Additionally, 9.4 percent of voters, 333,912, are listed under other affiliations, which saw an increase of 854 registrants since May 31, a 0.26 percent climb.

Complete registration statistics are available on the State Board of Elections website.

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