Volunteer-based rescue team seeing increase in missions

Wolfe County Search and Rescue says rescues nationwide have been increasing, but especially in the Wolfe County area

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Every Wednesday, a Lexington brewery gives back to the community by donating proceeds to non-profits. This Wednesday, Country Boy Brewing donated 10% of sales to the Wolfe County Search and Rescue team.

“We’re definitely a scrappy insurgency, but we’re also now nicely equipped,” says Tommy Adams, a volunteer with Wolfe County Search and Rescue.

In January, Wolfe County Search and Rescue won a new Land Rover in the ‘Defender Above and Beyond Service Awards’. The rescue team says the new vehicle will help the team get to hard to reach areas much easier and faster.

“We’ve had a chance to put it through the paces a number of times. It’s going to be able to get us out to some of the places we can’t get to otherwise,” says Adams. “That’s what we do, Wolfe County Search and Rescue, we go out where others can’t and we save lives.”

According to Wolfe County Search and Rescue, it had 86 missions last year, which it says is trending up from years past.

“Search and rescue teams are busier than ever and a lot of those teams have fewer rescues and missions than we do and so we are off the charts,” says Adams. “We are definitely the busiest team in the region and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down at all.”

Wolfe County Search and Rescue is a volunteer-based organization and the only money it gets from state and local levels is for gas. So, it says a fundraiser like the one from Country Boy Brewing will help in many ways.

“This right here will be used to give us more gear, to help us fit out the new vehicle and to make sure that our team has the equipment that they need in order to do the missions that we complete,” says Adams.

“We all love going to the Gorge, whether it’s hiking, climbing, camping,” says Andrew Horne, Country Boy Brewing Taproom manager. “You know, if you get in trouble there, these are the guys that come get you so we wanted to help them out too.”

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