Voluntary workouts are underway for several high school football teams

LEXINGTON, KY (WTVQ)-  Voluntary workouts are underway for several high school football teams, but it isn’t as easy as staying six feet apart in a field and following the state’s guidelines for practicing.

Lexington Catholic began workouts Monday.

Head Coach Nigel Smith said it took his staff six weeks to figure out what protocols they needed. He said they even produced a PSA video to give parents and athletes a better idea of how they’d practice.

The protocol list is long, but the setting is as close as it’s ever been to normalcy.

“I’m loving it. Just being back as a team and being altogether, it’s a great feeling,” said Walker Hall, sophomore.

Lexington Catholic is working out four days a week with two different, staggered sessions.

Smith said players are required to wear masks and get their temperature checked before entering. They’re also working out with the same group for the time being.

“They’re not going to be.. nothing’s based on playing time. Nothing’s based on your group members, we’re just out here to work. We’re just spaced out and this is what you’ve got,” said Smith.

The safety protocols don’t stop there. Athletes get equipment only they can use during their session. Coaches then clean the equipment after each session.

The rules are a little bit different, but once you’re out here, football is still football. Conditioning for football is the same as it ever was,” said Smith.

There may be some familiarity, but not everything is back to normal with conditioning.

The weight room is closed at the high school. Smith said he isn’t sure when his team will be back in there.

As of now, players have their workout schedule. It’s on them to keep themselves accountable.

“A lot of it is going to come down to how well and how disciplined in following all of the rules and procedures and then when they’re in their spot, working hard,” said Smith.

In addition to Lexington Catholic, Lexington Christian, Scott County and Boyle County are also doing voluntary workouts.

There are many schools and teams working through their own protocols. They won’t be hitting the field until those are all put in place.

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