Volleyball tournament raises $10,000 in ten years after deadly Lexington plane crash

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)-Players inside the Kentucky Basketball Academy gym remember that fateful day in August, almost ten years ago. The lives of 49 people, mostly from Lexington, were taken too soon when Comair flight 5191 crashed at Blue Grass Airport.

One of the crash victim’s friend Stephanie Booth says “It’s surreal at first. I know that whenever I first heard about it I also heard there was a survivor. So instantly I was thinking it was Fenton. Fenton is that person that not only would’ve survived but would’ve taken 2 or 3 or 4 or as many people as he could with he.”

But Stephanie booth’s friend Fenton Dawson didn’t make it. He left behind a loving wife, and two young kids that day.

Just about a week after the crash, friends like Stephanie banded together to celebrate Fenton’s life by doing what he loved most, playing volleyball

She says, “It definitely was just a bond that all of us shared and wouldn’t trade.”

Over the years the tournaments have brought out hundreds of people from far and wide to share in Fenton’s story, even those who didn’t know him personally.

Volleyball player Morgan Middleton says, “I think what really hits home with me is that any one of my teammates would do this for one of us. So it really resonates with us.”

Booth says, “There’s just always a very good feeling when you walk in here. You feel a lot of love. There’s people laughing and hugging constantly. So I think it’s hard not to walk in here and not feel Fenton’s presence. So I think that’s what people love about it.”

After a decade passing on Fenton’s legacy, the net came down for the final time. And all those tournaments raised $10,000 in Fenton’s name to be donated to the Flight 5191 Memorial Preservation Fund.

“It’s a really good way to not only honor Fenton but also honor the other lives that were lost that day.”

The tenth anniversary of the plane crash is next Saturday. A memorial service will be held at the UK Arboretum at 10am near the statue in its honor.

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