VIDEO: Wounded LMPD officer cheered at roll call; FOP’s Perdue offers support

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ)- Louisville Metro Police Major Aubrey Gregory was cheered by his coworkers as he returned to roll call a day after being shot during protests.

Meanwhile, the state Fraternal Order of Police has praised the officers ad their cohorts while condemning those who tur to violence to make a point.

Gregory was shot in the hip Wednesday by Larynzo Johnson, who is now facing charges. He was treated and released from the hospital.

Officer Robinson Desroches was also shot in the abdomen. He had to undergo surgery, but is expected to be okay.

In a statement Wednesday, state FOP President Berl Perdue Jr., who also is Clark County Sheriff, offered support.

“Today I am comforted by the positive outlook I hear for the officers with the Louisville Metro Police Department and their recovery. Let’s be clear – last night was an attack on the very fabric of our nation. The right to peaceful assembly and freedom of speech is the bedrock of this nation. Yesterday the many assembled quickly took to acts of violence and aggression towards their fellow community members and towards the police.

“One officer from the LMPD, with whom I spoke, said he personally witnessed individuals confronting police saying “You’re going to be the next Nick Rodman” and “You’re going to be the next Diedre Mengedoht.” May God rest the souls of these two brave heroes, murdered in the line of duty, in service to the city they love. There is no place in peaceful assembly and expression of speech, where threats such as these should be tolerated.

“I’ve also heard great acts of bold leadership and defensive action for those that were confronted by the violent rioters yesterday. I’m told there were multiple LMPD commanders on the front lines with their officers yesterday. Major Gregory, one of the officers shot, was one of those commended by officers for being on the front lines. For that, I am thankful. The front line officers have been failed by leadership and it is not by the many commanders on the front lines with them yesterday. Mayor Greg Fischer is responsible for so much of this violence that has only perpetuated as the result of false truths and phoney narratives. His constant micromanaging of the police has led to where Louisville is today.

“I am sad to know that those threats were acted upon as officers were shot at last night. There is no greater fear than hearing the call ‘officer down’ broadcast over the radio. In the coming days and weeks ahead, I know our Commonwealth will learn more about those involved. I can tell you they are heroes in their own right. Every single officer on the front lines last night, confronted anarchy and chaos on behalf of all citizens. The thin blue line is made up of all races, genders, creeds, and so much more. These brave souls believe in their oath just as I do mine. I am proud to know many of them and call them family. Pray for peace for our Commonwealth. Peace is the ultimate goal.

Stay Safe!,” Perdue concluded.

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