Video of truck driving away with barrel shown in Taylor Trial

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- An urgent 911 call, tearful testimony from Alex Johnson’s sister, and video of a truck driving away with a barrel in the back were all shared with the jury in the case of the 2013 kidnapping and murder of the University of Kentucky chef.

For the second day in a row, Mark Taylor, the prosecution’s prime target in the case sat silently listening to testimony after testimony, 911 calls from people who say they heard Johnson’s “blood-curdling” screams, and video which shows a car attorneys say is his pulling in front of his garage.

Taylor is accused of beating Alex Johnson to death over Johnson’s successful and lucrative marijuana selling business. Tuesday, detectives also spoke about the involvement of Timothy Ballard and how he took them to the site where Johnson’s body was dumped inside a barrel into the Kentucky River.

While answering questions, Johnson’s sister broke down in tears, recalling how she learned then had to tell others of her brother’s disappearance.

In addition to that, prosecutors presented the court with surveillance footage from Trust Lounge and locations where they say Johnson’s body was shoved into the barrel. The video showed a car driving with the passenger side back door open. Attorneys say Johnson’s foot can be seen hanging out the door before he was beaten even more by Taylor.

The court is yet to hear from Timothy Ballard though. Ballard is expected to testify against Taylor in the case after accepting a plea deal. Prosecutors will look to poke holes in his story and put Johnson’s death on him.

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