Vice President promotes tax reform in Versailles

VERSAILLES, Ky. (WTVQ)- Vice President Mike Pence visited the Bluegrass Wednesday to promote tax reform.

Pence spoke at More Than A Bakery in Versailles. It is one of several visits the Vice President is making across the country for America First Policies, the nonprofit promoting the president’s work.

In a speech with religious undertones, the Vice President said Kentucky is growing like never before.

“Give a warm Kentucky welcome to the Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence,” Governor Matt Bevin announced.

It looked and felt like a campaign event. Vice President Mike Pence thanked Kentuckians then told them about the successes of the Trump administration’s first year: new jobs, tougher immigration, and reduced red tape.

“It’s promises made and promises kept,” Pence said.

One of those promises was tax reform, the focus of the Vice President’s speech.

“We believe the best days for American prosperity are just around the corner because those tax cuts are just starting to make a difference,” Pence said.

The Vice President touted benefits for businesses and people. He said Kentucky families of four should expect to save about $21,000 a year.

“That’s good news for working families,” Pence said.

The VP said people can expect bigger paychecks because cuts for corporations are allowing businesses to pay employees more. In a panel discussion before the speech, Country Boy brewing partner Daniel Harrison spoke to that.

“If we make more money, our job at the end of the day is to grow our business and take care of our people,” Harrison said.

There are detractors. Kentucky Democratic Party Chair Ben Self said of the visit:

“Just like everyone else working there, Pence is trying to get away from the White House while it implodes. He came a long way to buy a cake for the dumpster fire. If the tax plan was actually helping people, they wouldn’t have to spend so much money on selling it to the American people.”


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