Veteran leaves touching 9/11 tribute at Tin Roof

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- A gesture by a mystery man at Lexington’s Tin Roof location has folks across the social media world and the U.S. commending him.

Sunday was a normal day at Tin Roof in Lexington, with patrons sitting down to watch football while thinking about the 15th anniversary of the attach in New York City.

Audrey Drake was behind the bar at Tin Roof Sunday, performing her normal tasks, when a man she didn’t know came in and sat down.

“He said ‘hey let me get two shots of Woodford’, paid me cash and took one shot. I didn’t really notice whenever he left,” she recalls.

What Drake did notice is what the man left behind, a letter.

“I picked it up and chills went over my entire body and badges fell out from the note.”

Drake read parts of the note to ABC 36 on Tuesday.

“I take this shot in salute to the one’s I’ve served beside in uniform. I leave the other for all my brothers and sisters who gave the ultimate sacrifice, bringing the fear of God into the eyes of the evil.”

It goes on to say, “I leave my Global War on Terrorism Ribbon as a reminder of what took place 15 years ago today.”

In addition to the note, the man left behind that ribbon and another badge, indicating he served on the U.S.S. New York in the Navy.

Drake says while she’d love to know who the man is, she understands his mission wasn’t to get attention.

“You know, I feel like that gentleman shared a part of his life with me in a way that not very many people get to encounter.”

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