Vandalized GOP sign is finally getting repaired

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ)- The sign in front of the Republican Party of Kentucky’s headquarters is finally being repaired after it was vandalized back in April.

The sign is covered with a tarp, Kentucky GOP officials say that’s because workers are finally repairing it after the sign was spray painted red during a big teacher rally in Frankfort months ago.

Republican party officials say the sign bearing Mitch McConnell’s name was spray painted the morning of the massive rally at the capitol where thousands of teachers protested the GOP backed budget and pension bills.

“Shocked that in the middle of the day in broad daylight somebody would come by and spray paint the sign. Obviously we don’t know who did it. We don’t know if it was someone here for the rally, we assume it was but we don’t know if it was a teacher or a supporter of a teacher, somebody else,” said Tres Watson with the Republican Party of Kentucky.

Officials say that day protesters stopped by the sign, cheering the fact it had been vandalized.

“One lady even laid her kid down in front of it and took a picture,” said Watson.

This isn’t the first time the republican party headquarters has been vandalized there is still spray paint on the front door from another incident years ago.

“And obviously the Fayette County GOP headquarters was vandalized two years ago. You know these things unfortunately happen,” said Watson.

Things many people say they believe are happening more often due to the hyper-polarized political climate our country is in.

“It is tragic when people have to take out their frustrations in such violent and defacing public property in protest but that’s the level of the anger that the population has risen too unfortunately,” said Kathleen Ross.

GOP officials say they filed a police report solely for insurance purposes.

No one was ever arrested in connection to the incident.

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